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The goal of Ts'ubaa-asatx is to provide opportunity, employment and the means to become economically self-sufficient through sustainable economic development. Such development will allow for self-dependence and self-reliance. 


Chief Councillor,Georgina Livingstone

Treaty Liaison/ Housing, Lands, and Resources Support

Georgina has been employed with Ts'ubaa-asatx Nation for the past 18 years and has also served on Chief and Council.


In 2016, Georgina assumed the role of Chief Councillor after the passing of her husband, Hereditary Chief Sha e’ lum (Cyril Livingstone).


Her passions are treaty and housing and her main tasks currently include:

  • Communications to the Ts'ubaa-asatx Nation community to involve them as full participants in the treaty process

  • Liaison between consultants, HTG, and the Ts'ubaa-asatx Nation membership

  • Supporting Chief and Council at the negotiations table

  • Becoming knowledgeable of community needs and history to speak on treaty-related issues and on Ts'ubaa-asatx Nation interests

  • Processing and reviewing rental agreements with Ts'ubaa-asatx Nation membership

  • Ensuring Housing Policy is being followed by community members and the Housing Committee

  • Assisting in long-term planning for minor/major capital projects and providing advice in implementation of the First Nation Community plan

  • Obtaining new housing units to assist in moving LCFN membership back home. 


Aaron Hamilton

Operations Manager

Aaron has been the Operations Manager with Ts'ubaa-asatx Nation since May 2012. He is from the Hupacasath First Nation and lives with his wife, Melanie Livingstone, and their three children in Lake Cowichan.

Aaron brings over 15 years’ experience working with First Nation’s communities, mainly in upper management roles. He holds a BBA with a specialization in Management from Vancouver Island University.

His responsibilities with Ts'ubaa-asatx are:

  • General Administration

  • Fiscal Policy

  • Personnel / Staff Policy

  • Chief and Council Support

  • Economic Development

  • Education Support

  • Social Development

  • Representation and Advocacy (His main priority is establishing a foundation for youth to generate economic self-sufficiency.)


Carole Livingstone

Treaty and Referral Office Support

Carole Livingstone is a proud member of Ts'ubaa-asatx Nation. Her parents are the late Hereditary Chief Cyril Livingstone and Georgina (Ross) Livingstone. She has been living in the Lake Cowichan area with her family since 1990.

Carole is a Councillor for Ts'ubaa-asatx Nation. Her responsibilities include:

  • Office duties such as phone, mailing, errands, catering and cleaning services.

  • Treaty/ Land Referrals database and records filing.

  • Assistant in coordination of treaty-related meetings with Community, Chief and Council, and general meetings

  • Responding to referrals as directed by Chief and Council, highlighting traditional uses and activities associated with affected lands.

  • Communication with community re treaty-related issues and Ts'ubaa-asatx Nation specific referrals and interests.


Melanie Livingstone

Bookkeeper and Community Programs Coordinator

Melanie Livingstone is a member of the Ts'ubaa-asatx Nation. She is married to Aaron Hamilton and has three beautiful children. Their family enjoys all the outdoor activities that the Lake area offers, as well as traveling to experience other cultures.

Melanie studied Office Assistant, Computer Accounting and Events Management at North Island College and Vancouver Island University and is planning to complete a degree in Business Administration.

She is the bookkeeper/Community Programs Support Worker and a Councillor for Ts'ubaa-asatx Nation.


Her responsibilities include:

  • Prepare all financial transactions of the Ts'ubaa-asatx Nation-payroll, budget preparation, A/P, A/R, financial statements, etc.

  • Plan and coordinate community activities and programs that involve all community members (youth, elders, etc.)


Sherry Livingstone

Community Health Representative/Administrative Support

Sherry Livingstone is a member of Ts'ubaa-asatx Nation. Her parents are the late Hereditary Chief Sha e’ Lum Cyril Livingstone and Georgina (Ross) Livingstone.

She and her family have been living in Lake Cowichan since 2004, and Sherry started working for Ts'ubaa-asatx Nation around the same time.

Her background includes Medical Office Assistant, First Aid, Community, and Human Services receptionist, and secretary. She also has Indian Registry Administrator training.

Sherry works as the Community Health Rep/ Admin Assistant/ Indian Registry Administrator at Ts'ubaa-asatx Nation.


Her responsibilities also include:

  • Water testing and record-keeping with Health Canada

  • Maintaining the membership list

  • Office Assistant

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